Change Column Headings from Letters to Column Numbers

We know that in excel rows are numbered and columns are named alphabetically. However, when using few formulae (like vlookup) where we need to refer a column by the number based on the data set/ the range which we select instead of alphabets. At times, it is difficult to remember the column numbers especially when […]

How to Use VLOOKUP Function in Excel

VLOOKUP is one of the mostly heard formula/ function in excel. In this post I will explain how to use VLOOKUP in detail and also the limitations of it. The more you use it, the simple it becomes. Before getting into the post let’s understand and break few Myths about VLOOKUP Function. VLOOKUP is difficult […]

Select/Jump/Goto Specific Sheet Directly in a workbook – Efficiency Tip

The other day I went to meet my Friend who recently joined as a data analyst. By the time I reached his home he was with his laptop and was working on some project. He has an excel file with Multiple sheets (close to 30) and he is working with formulae to navigate across multiple […]

How to use INDIRECT function in Excel

There are hundreds of functions in MS-Excel. There are a few of them which are used very frequently and INDIRECT function is one among them. Indirect function is categorized as lookup/ reference function. Today let’s know the importance of indirect function and see how to use Indirect function in excel and its usage in different […]