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If you are new to spreadsheets and willing to learn excel or If you are already familiar with excel and are looking to strengthen your excel skills I am Sure you will find a lot of interesting articles here @ ExcelBits. If you are a skilled excel user and are willing to share your excel knowledge with our community you are most welcome. Please visit Guest Post page to write a post on any of the topics in Excel.

I’m not a regular user of Excel. What do I get from Excel Bits – Well, You can find tips and tricks to improve your productivity and efficiency (in the form of templates too). In addition you can find if using excel can reduce your manual work J

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To improve your Excel Knowledge and make your (professional/work) life much easier. I do this by sharing whatever I learn every day.

To acquire additional knowledge/ skills in excel through transmuting (sharing). I believe that we can learn more by constantly teaching each other with new ideas/ tips / tricks through comments and by staying in touch with each other.

How can Excel Bits help to improve my Excel Skills

We will be posting 2-3 times a week about various concepts/ topics in excel. Simple and Easy ways to use the excel functions along with tips and tricks to do things in a quick and productive way. This includes examples and downloads (practice workbooks) as well.

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Behind Excel Bits:

I am Vamsi Krishna Vadrevu from Andhra Pradesh, India. I’m a Financial Analyst by profession and an Excel enthusiast by choice. I’m into blogging since 2009. I have a PGDM (MBA) from VJIM and a B.Tech degree in Information Technology from Vasavi Engg College.

My Journey with excel began in 2009 and from then on I’m enjoying each and every step of this never ending journey.

Interest in stock markets and trading forced me to learn excel. Investing in stocks is all about numbers and needs analysis on the data from various sources. It is no hidden fact that MS-Excel is one of the best sources to analyze data and also to provide a visual representation of the analysis. That’s the start and till date I have been learning new things in excel every day.

In case if you are fiddling with an excel problem which keeps you bugging please share it with me and we can together attempt to solve it with the help of our community

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