Close multiple Excel Files instantly (Excel 2013) – Excel Efficiency Tip

One of the improvements in Excel 2013 is every excel file opens in a new window. This feature is handy to quickly compare the data in different workbooks. However the issue comes with closing the workbooks at once. In previous versions of excel you can use Alt+F4 to close multiple excel files at once. This shortcut will not work in Excel 2013. Each window has its close button and if you have multiple excel files open you need to close it individually which is tedious and also irritating. In this post we will see how to close multiple excel files at once with a single click.

We can do this in 2 ways.

  1. Adding the close all option to QAT.
  2. With a keyboard trick. 🙂

Using QAT

QAT stands for Quick Access tool bar. Follow the below steps, to add the close all option to QAT.

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  1. Go to More commands option in the QAT.
  2. Select Commands not in the ribbon
  3. From the list choose Close All and click on ADD and click ok. Now you can see the close all option added to the QAT. Just click on it to close all your Excel files at once
  4. Alt key followed by the option number will be the shortcut for close all option in QAT.

Close all excel files using QAT

Keyboard Shortcut

Press the Shift key and click on close(X) button of any window. This opens up a Dialog box with an additional option of “Save All” (See the below image). Choose your option and all the files get closed instantly.

Save and Close all excel windows

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Hope you find this Excel Tip useful.

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