Excel Double Click Tricks – Work Faster with Excel

Many Excel Users will be eager to learn keyboard shortcuts to work fast in Excel. There are some areas where mouse is a better choice instead of using a keyboard (like moving/ editing shapes, data in cells in etc.). Learning of mouse usage along with the keyboard shortcuts will make you much more efficient and super-fast in using excel. Excel offers few double click options to make our work much easier.

In this post, let’s see some mouse tricks which can be used most frequently for day to day operations.

Show or Hide the Ribbon

There will be situations where we need more screen space to view data/ perform operations. This can be achieved with toggling the ribbon on and off. To toggle the ribbon on/ off just double click on the active tab of the ribbon. (Know more about tabs, ribbons and QAT).

Show or hide ribbon with double click

Rename a Sheet

To Rename a Sheet, we generally right click on the sheet name and then choose rename from the options, instead just double click on the sheet name to rename the sheet.

Rename Excel Sheet with double click

Auto Fill Data/ Formula in a series of cells

This is one simple trick which saves countless of minutes while working. To fill data downwards we have the habit of dragging/ using the shortcut keys to fill the cells downward. Instead select the cell with data and just double click at the bottom right corner of the cell.

You can see your formulas, numbers, dates, series etc. are copied into the cells down. Remember that this doesn’t work unless adjacent column has data in it.

autofill using double click and fill handle

Adjust Column Widths

Column Widths can be adjusted by clicking on the separator line between the columns. This auto fits the column width depending on the data in the column.

Adjust column width in excel

Using the Format Painter Option

To copy the formatting from one cell to multiple cells we need to select the format painter option multiple times unless the range is continuous. This takes a lot of time in case the ranges are not continuous.

Instead double click on the format painter icon so that it gets locked. Now you can use the format painter to any number of cells whether the range is continuous or not.

use format painter continuously

Drill down Pivot Values

Do you know that Pivot Table values can be drilled down for analyzing it further? You need not go to the data for this and use filters to select the specific criteria.

Instead Double Click on the value which you want to further drill down. A new sheet opens with the data related to the value that is selected. (Remember that any modification in the new sheet will not change your pivot data)


Split the window (Only Applicable till Excel 2010)

You can split the excel window to work more conveniently. To split the workbook, double click the horizontal bar on the top of the scroll bar (between formula bar and scroll bar). The workbook will be split at the active cell where the cursor is placed.

Split an excel window using double click

Edit Shapes

Double click on a shape and you can edit the text of the shape instantly.

edit-shapes-with-double-clickAccessibility of Chart Formatting Options

To access chart formatting options many of us are adjusted to the habit of getting the options through Right Click. Instead double click on the outline of a graph and it brings up the format options for the chart.

format a chart in excel using double click

Move to the last row/ column of the data

To move to the last row/ column of the data just double click on the edge of the cell (up, down, left or right). CTRL key with an arrow combination will do the same task but knowing this option also comes in handy at times.

Navigate across different cells in excel

Close an Excel Window

Do you know you can close excel by double click? Just double click on the top left corner of an excel workbook and the workbook gets closed.


What is your favorite double click trick?

Please do share it in the comments. Also, please let me know in case if you know some other tip that can be added to the list

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